Introducing EazyCushion, One Cushion with Many Uses

The multi-use EazyCushion product

Seat Divider

While traveling, use EazyCushion™ as a Seat Divider to provide a comfortable personal armrest, while preventing intrusions from elbows of passengers seated next to you.


Head & Neck
Rest Support

EazyCushion™ can also be used for Back or Neck Support while seated or laying down. Polyurethane foam structure of EazyCushion™ supports curvature of the neck or back, comfortably.


Seat Cushion &
Lumbar Support

You can also use EazyCushion™ as a Seat Cushion. It provides support under buttocks and thighs allowing comfortable seating for extended time periods.


Lower Back

During Floor Exercises such as Yoga, placing EazyCushion™ under lumbar can distribute pressure more evenly, providing improved support and comfort.



While traveling on a plane, train or a bus; placing EazyCushion™ on your lap provides a platform for your book, laptop or gaming console.


Foot Support

If your feet need support on a long journey, you can place EazyCushion™ on the floor in front of your seat as a Footrest.

When was the last time you sat comfortably on an Airplane Seat?

A middle-aged woman was escorted off the plane for elbowing other passengers while having a meal. Many other conflicts go unreported. Economy seats are just too narrow! Recently, several designers have developed “Seat Dividers”. They serve as portable partitions between adjacent passengers. Their only drawback is their limited use to occasional times when traveling.

Introducing EazyCushion . Designed and patented as a “multiple uses portable cushion” with a unique shape, which is the key to its ability to serve many uses. When placed vertically it functions as a Seat Divider, as well as, a Head, Neck and Lumbar support. Placed horizontally, it serves as a Seat Cushion, Lower Back support, Footrest, Laptop table, and all around handyman helper for gardening, plumbing, etc.

Made from medium density tapered foam insert with removable/washable cover. At 13x13x3.5” , weighs just under 15 oz and ready to stand any task!